Thanksgiving Week in Pictures

Took the week off work – the captions (and images – tell the tale) – well, except for the Thanksgiving meals that we had on Tuesday night and Thursday since I never took my phone out for those. Assume family gatherings and turkey consumed 🙂


Run #1 on Tuesday on the 56 trail – 5 miles – I had to snap these shot of the bottoms up duck in the pond 🙂


Run #2 on Wednesday – also 5 miles – on the middle school track. It has been unseasonably warm and truly beautiful weather.


Run #3 on Thanksgiving morning was the unofficial first annual Corporate Tri training group’s 5k Turkey Trot on the 56. Lots of fun!


Really – just stunning sunsets every single night.


Spent a few nights removing name plates from the red jerseys to prepare for the year end dinner. Seniors get those put into a shadow box display for them. The white jerseys will be draped in front of their seats as they get places of honor for their final event. I took a moment to surround myself one more time with memories of the team – and #18 was the last name plate removed.


Decorating began for real Friday. Had to focus inside since that was our one day of intermittent rain. The star is new and I am very pleased with how elegant it looks – and it was a cheap one from the drug store Black Friday sales!


As usual, Amber was a huge help. I had just tossed those down unloading a box – haven’t placed them where I want them yet and there she is taking ownership.


Daytime view of the tree with, well, a LOT of ornaments. It’s a new LED pre-lit tree and the spread of the branches encouraged me to go a little nuts. Outside lights were put up Saturday with tons of help from 28. I had cleared out tons of overgrowth all day Tuesday and then more Saturday morning and we put out every working light strand. I really want some LED netting strands now. Have a few perfect shrubs for them. Might still go get those so I will hold off photos until I know it is done.


The best part of the week though, was this morning. I FINALLY got to explore the Penasquitos Trail and see the waterfall. Ever since we moved to San Diego where we were on the eastern end of this trail I have been hearing about it. For various reasons it just never lined up that I could join the girls on their occasional runs there. The couple of times 17 and I ventured out in our hiking days to go there, it was too soon after a rain and was closed. Thankfully, the Friday rain was not THAT substantial and enough time had passed. I was due to run 12 miles today, but Eve wanted to do 13 and the lure of this trail twisted my arm to make the 2 mile leap to the complete half marathon distance. It was so great to be on a NEW trail – kept the boredom at bay – and then to feel so strong all the way and to finally see the rocky water fall and rushing stream. It is a harder trail thanks to rocks and some kick ass hills (especially on that last mile – that was brutal!!) – but totally worth it. I am 100% ready for the half now – with exactly 4 weeks to go.


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