Holidailies 2013 – On the Second Day of Christmas

OK, I promise not to take those titles out for the next four weeks – BUT – I have decided that I need to get my writing brain back up to speed, and the blog is the easiest launching pad for that. Need to be back to a regular writing routine for Blogmutt to earn money in January but need to dust off the brain cells first.

SO – I signed up for Holidailies – I did this some years ago and while this month is certainly one with plenty of obstacles to writing regularly, it is also RIPE with ideas for posts. So even if it is three sentences, I am going to post every day (ish…)

First off – it’s building furniture time! Haven’t done this in ages and wasn’t honestly expecting it even this time around. Guess I missed the section where it said “Assembly required”. Not that I mind – this was only $80, and shipping was free from Overstock. It will be the perfect bookend to the white storage bench in the entryway on the far opposite dark brown wall. And hey! When I was writing regularly for Blogmutt, one of the clients was a furniture building site and I wrote a post on “5 Easy IKEA Furniture Assembly Tips & Tricks”. I promptly ignored 3 of those tips and sure enough, that made this take longer than it should have!

Building with cats – always an adventure. First they inspect, then they get in the way, then they run when you break out the hammer.
The problem here, is that those two middle pieces are upside down in this photo. I was trying to bolt them in place using the holes intended for dowels.
Here, 28 assists with the trim pieces. Wood glue should have been used here. Instead, he had to fiddle & remove the dowels and reinsert them and then finally got them attached so that they wouldn’t fall off.

My five tips?

  1. Make sure the piece you are building will fit where it is intended and assemble it as close to that spot as possible (check!)
  2. Have a photo of the finished product handy just in case the instructions only have a rudimentary drawing. (check!)
  3. Read the instructions through twice before you start doing anything (whoopsie)
  4. Lay out all pieces in relation to their placement and the order of the instruction steps along with corresponding hardware to make sure all pre-drilled holes are lining up. (double whoopsie)
  5. Make sure you have a rubber mallet – preferably not white so you don’t leave scuff marks on darker wood (check!) and wood glue for securing dowels (argh!)

OK, so I really only missed 2.5…but the ones I missed almost created a disaster because the product would not have been assembled properly and sitting on it could have been treacherous. Also, removing cats would be a good plan as would changing out of work clothes..seriously…what was I thinking?



DONE! Probably at least an hour longer than it should have taken, but ta da! Yes, that is my ugly plastic table out in the backyard. Yes, I need to buy a cover for it since I am keeping the blinds open to display ALL OF THE LIGHTS from out there 🙂 Yes, I expect the cats to be sleeping up there immediately. Now I can cover up the cords under the tree and maybe lay down some sparkly cotton this year instead of the tree skirt. Need to lighten it up down there I think.

So, that’s it from here tonight. Back tomorrow with perhaps a preview of the outdoor lights that are already delighting the neighborhood kids.

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