My list of things to be thankful for:

All my boys. That DS1 is mostly taking steps forward and for that wonderful opportunity he had to sing on stage and reveal a hidden talent. That DS2 is a Fruitcake 🙂 And also that he is still my snuggle bear while having a most amazing football season where he showed some real talent. And that he has an awesome teacher this year and is doing very well in school. That SP and I enjoyed another year together. That we remain open and honest and committed to each other.

For my parents that they remain in good health and live close enough to come to all of DS2’s games and be in the boy’s lives.

For my friends both real and virtual who keep me sane and grounded and teach me so much.

For DVR – a silly little modern convenience that I love very much.

For seeing without glasses. For beautiful floors and kitchen appliances. Yes, I will be struggling this year to pay off all those things, but my house is no exactly the home I dreamed of and I can see ALL the time!!

A tale from this morning:

At Starbuck’s this morning a woman of around 25 came in. Her hair was bleached blonde, strawlike with dark roots showing through. It was not brushed. She wore those Gucci sunglasses that are bubble shaped and ridiculously over sized making her look quite a bit like a fly. I hate the over sized sunglasses look! Her shirt was clearly a mans long sleeved polo, very rumpled and large on her. Her skirt was too short, barely peeking below the shirt. White knit with pleats it appeared. Her bare legs were nicely tanned and smooth so at least she could pull off the short skirt look. Her shoes though! Black, patent leather 4 inch pumps! I do believe that I managed to stifle the giggle when I first saw her totter in on those things. Such an ensemble! Clearly she had seen way too many Paris Hilton pics and thought it was a look to be copied. Oh my NO! She looked completely ridiculous. My guess is that she had a hot date last night wherein she was dressed in something more feminine and skimpy – a little black dress perhaps. She stayed the night with her date at his place where she has none of her own clothes and was the first to wake up so ended up being the one to get the morning coffee. Perhaps she was lucky to have found a beach wear skirt in her car. But she had no choice on the shoes. At least, I hope my scenario is correct. Who would purposefully choose to look like that other than Paris Hilton?

Happy Turkey Day!

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