Spring forward! And, then feel my pain!


I figured since I already ran into a couple of people who were not aware of the time change this weekend that I better post it to provide a community service 🙂

Sat night/Sunday morning – we spring forward folks. Losing an hour. Begin cursing now.

Not that any of us have clocks that actually need changing anymore. Even those are almost exclusively idiot proof now (thank gawd).

Ooh – hey – got any “oops, forgot to change my clocks!” stories?

The one that I remember like it was just yesterday was way back in the late 80’s when I had just started working at NU. In those good old days, they had graduations every quarter end and always on Sundays. They would ask the employees to volunteer to staff the events. That earned you a free day off.  I was fairly new to the company and still feeling my way socially  with everyone. As one of the only ones my age with a child I was already odd person out a lot of the time since I couldn’t go to happy hours and things like that. Well, one of those graduation Sundays was on a spring forward weekend. Not only did I forget about THAT, but I also totally forgot to set my alarm at all. When I woke up I thought I could still get there at least within 30 mins of the check in time. Nope, I was 90 minutes late. I still remember that horrible sinking feeling in my gut when I caught on to my blunder. In my insecure early 20s brain, it was awful! Obviously in the long run it didn’t matter eh?

But hey – just to COMPOUND the yuckiness of losing an hour of sleep, guess what I get to do?

Remember how I’ve been thrilled about getting SB involved with the triathletes in our work out group?

Did I mention the Time Trial bike race event he signed up for with the team?

Did you know it’s this coming Sunday morning on Fiesta Island?

Did you know he has to check in before 6:30am?

Did you know that his start time is set at 7:05:30 am and in order to check in and warm up he should be on the island no later than 6am?

Back into that from where we live and factoring in shoving some breakfast down our throats, did you know that means a 4:30-am at the latest wake up?

Are you guessing that I am perhaps no longer so thrilled about all this?


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  1. The best time change story I ever heard comes from the Chronicle of Higher Education forum. It happened after the “Fall-back” weekend.

    Student [in email to professor, on Monday morning] i’m so sorry but i’m not going to make it to your class today. i was offcampus for the weekend–which was cool, hope yours was to!–and my exgrilfriend was supposed to give me a ride back to campus this mornig. but i’m kind of a dumhead sometimes and i didn’t even know that the time was changing today so even though i set my alarm on my cell phone for the right time i totally missed my ride. i guess everybody just figured i got my brother to take me and they didn’t want to be late so they rang the doorbell but i guess i didn’t hear it and they left me to make it to there classes on time. and then i stood around where i’m still standing until one of them txted me where was i at an hour ago. so i know htis is really lame and i don’t have any more absences to take this semester but i hope you will have pity on me this time. sorry.

    Professor: [Aside] Now, aside from the fact that all of the cell phones I know about seem to handle daylight savings automatically, and the fact that the student would have been an hour early, rather than an hour late, if his cell phone was the exception and he didn’t notice that it was wrong all day Sunday, the class he actually takes with me is held Tuesday anyway.

    Professor [emailed reply] There are so many things wrong with your message, that I’m going to just pretend I never received it. Does that work for you?

    Student: [follow-up conversation, later on Monday] Um, so, what was wrong with my message? Except me forgetting what day it was, I mean? I can’t believe I did that.

    Professor: [in a good mood and taking pity on student]: Well, to begin with, cell phones change to and from daylight savings time without you having to do anything.

    Student: Well, mine doesn’t! I should have known I had a sucky phone! I’m gonna tell my parents about this.

    Professor: I wouldn’t do that. You see, if your phone hadn’t adjusted to the time change, you wouldn’t have been late, you’d have been an hour early.

    Student: No way. Are you sure?

    Professor [trying not to giggle]: I’m absolutely sure. And you’re lucky you didn’t have class with me today, since lying to a professor is against the Honor Code. I would have been sad to see you awarded with an F over something like this.

    Student: [expletive] me! Do you think all the professors on campus understand this time thing? I mean, they’re not all as smart as you.

    Professor: I’ll tell you a secret: most of the faculty on this campus are much, much smarter than I am.

    Student: I am so screwed. [Expletive me]. I’ll see you later. I gotta go do some serious begging and apologizing.


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