No, he was NOT a nice young man!

Media Rant:

Is anyone else just over and done with that tired line? I’d really like to know what the purpose is of interviewing neighbors of accused criminals? Really, what the hell do you expect to learn that the police haven’t figured out at that point? Has an interview with a neighbor EVER provided any interesting, never before heard information? Because I swear in my experience of being subjected to watching those interviews or reading them that they all sound just like this one:

Family Friends React To Arrest

As Weiman awaited the results of a psychiatric evaluation to determine his immediate fate, friends of the Weiman family spoke with Local 10 about the man police said is responsible for killing and mutilating at least 19 cats in his South Florida community.They described him as “smart, polite, a nice young man” — the polar opposite of the teen accused of 19 counts of animal cruelty, four counts of burglary and 19 counts of improper disposing of an animal’s body.

Of course they “seem” nice! If they showed their true nature to everyone from the start, they would never get away with 19 cat killings! Serial murders, rapists, child molesters, domesitc abusers – hell, they all know how to be ‘nice’! I think you’ve been watching too many movies if you *expect* the evil doers to all look and act like Heath Leadger’s Joker from Dark Knight eh? And even if someone did have in inkling into the true nature of the accused, are they going to say so? No! Because then the follow up would be “well, why didn’t you report him sooner?” So they all say, and I mean ALL “Oh, it’s such a shock! He was such a Nice Young Man!”

But really, can I blame the stunned and shocked neighbors? They just want a little face time on the TV, right? No, I blame the reporters for even *asking* one of the stupidest questions of all which ads NOTHING to these stories.

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  1. And yet (some) people STILL expect children to beware of “bad” strangers that look like a deranged bum. Hello — the guy next door really can be a danger.


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