Grey’s Anatomy Finale – told ya George was a goner!

T.R. Knight is confirmed to be leaving the show.

It’s said in the article that they had until June 30th to pick up contracts and that series creator Shonda Rhimes did not make her final decision until this week, but I am not so sure. She does acknowledge that she wrote his role more lightly leading into this finale so that viewers would not notice he was not around once John Doe showed up. So clearly there was some planning involved and since TR was unhappy with his character’s lack of development this season, Shonda had to be prepared to write George off entirely.

Told ya his steady gaze meant he was focused on his destination in the great beyond 🙂

One thought on “Grey’s Anatomy Finale – told ya George was a goner!

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  1. Interesting that she wanted him in the first 3 episodes of next season. I wouldn’t write the role off yet. He would not be the first actor to want out of a series only to want back in after a season or two.


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