Wake me up Wednesday!

First of all, a great link to save as this primary process keeps going that is constantly updated:

Delegate counts.

McCain is pulling away and look how tight the Dem race is!! Post-game analysis today is heavily pointing to Obama coming out ahead because of the money he has raised and because of the upcoming states that will vote this weekend. Suddenly those four (Louisiana, Nebrasks, Washington & Maine) become critical. How cool is that? You they were at first not please with all the states pushing up their primaries creating this Super Tuesday event which could easily have rendered the primaries for the later states a moot event. But now? Hah! It’s the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl baby and the score is TIED! The spotlight is now firmly on those states staggering in later than the rest. Good for them. Voter turnout was again higher than previous years yesterday.

On the way home (from work, not the all night meeting!) last night there was a handful of Obama volunteers on a street corner waving signs. No other campaign had that in my area. There was a boy who looked to be SB’s age out there with his mom. Awesome!  That is all the political analysis I can muster up today.

My dad continues to do well. He’s been out of ICU since Monday night and is now focusing on rebuilding his strength and get back into a normal day/night routine. He spends the day in a chair rather than a bed and the nurses get him up to shower and walk around the floor. All is still going well and he could go home as early as Friday. I’ll be heading out there with MM again tonight since I couldn’t go last night, but I wont hang out that long since I am a tad wiped out. I think SB and his dad will be out there tonight as well.

Kudos to the Tri City Medical Center in Oceanside. That place has been fabulous all around.

And now, some random bird pictures to liven things up:


Green kingfisher. I just love kingfishers. They come in a huge range of sizes and look kinda goofy with their bills longer than their heads, but their plummage is so gorgeous! Here’s is an awesome action shot of the Common Kingfisher:


Nothing “common” about this bird in my opinion!

And a repeat – because it makes me giggle and kinda shows how I feel today:


3 thoughts on “Wake me up Wednesday!

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  1. I’m glad to hear your dad is doing well. 🙂

    I love the bird pictures. Kingfishers are cool. We have one that hangs out by the pond during the warmer months. I don’t know where they go in winter. Probably out your way where it’s warmer.


  2. Thanks for the delegate link. I was feeling stupid not knowing what the current tallies are. I can’t believe Romney threw in the towel for such a strong 2d place showing. How could he let Rev. Huckabee scare him away? I am happy that the Democratic nomination was NOT sewn up on Super Tuesday. It’s still anyone’s race.

    Healthy wishes to your pop. Please tell him I’m including him in our weekly “mi shebeirach” prayers. (See my blog for an explanation.)


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