Mrs Griswold, I presume.

With a break for lunch, transporting Sportsboy to and from practice and then to a friend’s for a sleepover, and dinner, these pictures show what I have done from 10:00am until 9:30pm today:







Weak attempt at night photo:


Inside – tree and mantle in beginning stages. Amber is at that moment more intrigued by her cat condo having been moved to a new spot:


Just one more of Amber – how to distract her from the tree? Give her a catnip shower and watch her eyes buzz!


This day was almost a case of “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” at least until about 3:30pm. First I had to do some pruning of plants to clear things up for the lights. In the process I inevitably received a nice thumb poke from the thorn which still hurts like crazy. Light strands already hung would burn a fuse or half of the strand would go out or I would find out the connector end didn’t work or didn’t fit with the next one I wanted to connect. With the outdoor light displays I usually lay them out first and then find proper ways to get the extension chords to them and no matter how many times I do this, I realize I need another chord or splitter or…something! Still, only one trip to the store to get a replacement box of snowflake lights for over the garage and otherwise I made do with what I already had. Not that I am done. No way. I want twinkling colored lights over the front hill bushes and some rope lights on the side palms like I have on the front one. Inside my strategy is to let the cats get used to the tree just as it is with lights only. Same with the mantle and stockings. Luckily it is an artificial tree so there is no nice wood trunk for them to use to climb up. So far, they just like to sit under it and sniff away. Baby steps with the inside. I can take my time. It was the outside that I really wanted done this weekend and it largely is completed. Timers are set. Neighbors have already commented 🙂 The guy across the street asked if there was a cure for my addiction. I told him not that I knew of, not even my electric bill!!! Shoot, the backyard colored icicle style roof lights around my patio and roof line total 900 alone. There’s a crap load of lights out there! I am waiting for the little boy two doors up to come around. He is the biggest fan of my lights. I proudly wear the title of Mrs Griswold on the block.

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  1. It’s from the Chevy Chase “Vacation” series of movies. Christmas Vacation had the Griswold Family at home with their family descending upon them. Clark Griswold literally covered every inch of his house with lights and blew out the city transformer. It was a running theme of the movie as he hung all the lights and one disaster after another occurred.


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