Parental Advisory Notice and a Jacaranda tree

Jacaranda tree next door
Jacaranda tree next door

Since one of the google search hits that is still going strong here is “Jacaranda Tree” rather than bringing peeps to a post with a randomly stolen picture from the web, I thought I would post a picture of my local one in full glory. Apparently these were planted in front of every house when these homes were built 26 years ago. Almost all have since been yanked out because, as you can see below the tree, they kinda make a mess! But I am really glad that this is one of the rare ones still around. It’s next door where I can enjoy it daily – and I do love it’s shape – and also not have to clean up after it 🙂

Despite being very sore from a leg-heavy workout yesterday morning, I did get out into the yard today to start some way overdue cleanup. It’s so easy to ignore my yard now! Sprinklers are automatic, SweetPrince does the lawn maintenance and the only thing I need to do is water the backyard potted plants twice a week which takes about 3 minutes. The landscaping has matured nicely and the hillside is covered with succulents vs weeds. It’s down now to just the two small side yard beds leading to the front door and the main front hillside which needs attention now and then for some weeding and cutting back overgrowth. I could only handle the side yards today though. My legs were protesting heavily and there is no way I could support myself on slanted ground to clean things up. My roses are getting eaten up though – another down side of neglect – pests. Despite that though, one of the roses that was here when I bought the house is having it’s best year ever as far as blooms. It’s just covered and the blooms smell so nice. I think it’s the only one of the plants that has a scent really.

I think this is a tea rose variety.
I think this is a tea rose variety.

Ok, the Parental Advisory: Make sure when cleaning out your child’s backpack now that school is over to follow these steps:

  1. Take it outside (you will need the ventillation)
  2. Bring a trash can nearby, preferably one not too full already
  3. Wear gloves
  4. A face mask might be a good idea too
  5. Be prepared to just throw the entire thing out

I was not willing to consider #5 since I had just bought the backpack over the winter break and it’s only beenin circluation half a school year. We try to squeeze 3 full years out of them and I really want this one to make it at least through jr high, and hopefully through 9th grade too. So, I had to clean it completely and get it to a point where I could wipe down the inside. Now, the boy *has* a lunch box but heaven forbid after he removes food from it which he doesn’t finish, OR after he trades food or simply buys something additional that he should put those items back in the lunchbox itself. Much easier to stuff them into the bottom of the main pockets. Yummy.

At least I earned some money – found about 45 cents in there which is mine. But, ick, do I want it?

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  1. You get 3 years out of your backpacks? Wow! We were lucky if we got one full school year out of ours and they were, at the time, top of line Jansport ones that were very pricey! They way they load kids up with books back and forth every single day, they don’t last long at all.

    I love jacarandas but they are not only messy, the purple flowers stain everything they come into contact with. They are beautiful to look at, though!


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