So what kind of camera was that?

Here is the original photo that I cropped to use as my summertime header. I also have it as the background on my computer. And on my Blackberry. I was so pleased with color hues from the angle of the sun and the many textures with the flowers, pelicans, sea wall, rocks and churning ocean. This was taken a little before sunset in La Jolla a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying to remember to carry my camera (and keep the battery charged) around in my purse. Of course, on this day, it was not in there. This really lovely shot was taken with…… blackberry!! Scary huh? Actually, some of my best shots the last few months are from the phone.

However, at 6th grade graduation tomorrow I will bring the camera. For sure. I know how to not forget it! I’ll wrap it in the tissues I will need!!!

4 thoughts on “So what kind of camera was that?

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  1. Beautiful. Amazing what the phones can do these days!

    I have a camera on my phone also, if I only knew how to use it. HA

    The purple flowers look like Seafoam Statice. Or is it something else?

    Miss chatting with you bud. Hugs! 🙂


  2. Thanks, I didn’t realize it grew like that.

    wOOt! Austin! Squeeeeeeeeeeee

    I don’t want to rush the summer, but it seems to be going quick enough on it’s own. I can’t believe it is the 13th of June already.

    Got to get through my Mother’s visit first, she arrives 7/3.



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