He’s Baaaack!

With more hair than usual AND he claims he wants to keep it! Just wants a trim to clean up the ears, but he is actually NOT demanding requesting a #1 buzz cut. We’ll see how long it lasts after a few football practices with a helmet. Though, I must say, its been a totally odd summer so far. He actually LEFT triple digit heat in Sweden and returned to a very mild (so far) summer here. It’s been June Gloom all through July and even though the sun burns through on the coast by about 10am, the clouds roll back in by 6pm or so and the temps barely get into the mid-70s. Nothing at all like the last two years when he returned to start football practice during our worst heat waves. So, maybe he will be able to keep the hair longer than I think. He weighed 88lbs on my scale here tonight – Coach wanted him at 90 so that’s not bad. Of course, he will probably lose a couple during the first weeks of practice but it’s a better starting point than the 83 he weighed in at in May.

I’m staying home with him the next couple of days since I always feel bad putting him at the B&G Club right after he returns. I like to give him a couple of days to re-adjust first. Plus, hello! – I want to hang out with him!! We have to spend a couple more hours at the football equipment shed for a makeup time slot. Works for me since he never got measured for his helmet and pads and his coach will be there to fit him. We’ll clean out his clothes in his room and take inventory of needed items, shop and get his hair cut. Well, as long as he wakes up that is! He could barely keep his eyes open until 8:30 last night. Apparently he tried to force himself back onto PST by staying up super late and then only sleeping about 5 hours while he travelled. He did that the last two years and it worked – I don’t think he’s ever had jet lag from this trip and I remember having boatloads of it particularly returning back here. But then, he is a bit younger…

Oh, and the shot of him eating dinner is to satisfy the NaBloPoMo gods so that my final post for July actually has a shot of food in it 😉

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