The cleaning

Some photos of the annual winter cleaning spree (spring is for wimps, I wait for winter and tear up the house just before decorating). Furniture scattered all over the place so that I can vacuum and treat the floors normally hidden from the light:


I am going to have one tired cat tonight too. Amber is used to sleeping while we are gone during the day, but I’ve messed things all up. In that first picture you can see that she had to patrol the area behind the big sofa. After all, there were cool dust bunnies and even some silverfish (ewww) for her to chase down. Chip scurried upstairs and under my bed at the sight of the vacuum so he is fine, but she has to be in the middle of everything. Then I spread out some catnip for her which I usually don’t like to do since she makes such a mess with it but hey – I was making a mess!! Plus, she is so much fun to watch when she is high:


Back to the cleaning. Lunch break over. More later.

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  1. I like to clean thoroughly before company comes, but alas, this year only the minimum got done. The housekeeper was out for 2 weeks with a bad knee. Wizard’s been driving us out of our minds, so we hardly give a crap what the house looks like. Finally, they’re my in-laws, not my mother. They don’t get the “white glove treatment”.

    If I leave now, can I join you for dim sum???


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