11 on the 11th!


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Is that a Golden Birthday or something? I don’t know – but it sure sounds cool! It was yet another day of running around, but that will be followed up by a much needed Pajama Day at home tomorrow. I will be able to catch up on home chores and recorded shows and he will get to play video games all day. Considering that we have not been home long enough all week for him to even turn ON his PS2, I am fine with some electronic absorption tomorrow. We hiked together this morning, then shopped at Game Stop, then home for a quick lunch, then off to get my nails done, then see The Simpson’s Movie, home for about an hour, then dinner with the family. He was not too pleased that we had them sing to him – too bad! All in all, a very good day and now he is set with new games to play all day tomorrow. Plus, he still has a promised paint ball date with his brother and dad. I know that I am biased, but gosh he’s a good looking kid! I tell ya, his eyes are as blue as that wall in his room 🙂

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