Ok, I know it is the boys who are working hard, but I am wiped OUT! 5 days a week, 2.5 hours a day. I have to leave so early from work that I only have about 6-7 hours at my desk and combined with the year end audit and I have to focus extra sharp on my tasks. So I feel like I am on a mental sharpness marathon all day, then off to the races to get him to practice on time with everything he needs. I’ve come home to work more, or nap, cook dinner and just catch up on chores here the last three nights, but I stayed out there tonight to watch since they started with full pads this week and are now hitting at full speed. Coach and his wife bought pizza for the team and another mom brought cupcakes since it is her son’s birthday. Two boys had birthdays today and Sportboy’s is tomorrow. Speaking of – I have done nothing!! Usually I have presents bought and wrapped and a treasure hunt created. Hah! At least he understands. Part of it is that he wants a couple of new games for his PS2, but cannot remember the exact names. Since his birthday is on a Saturday, we will just go on a shopping spree together tomorrow after the hike at Torrey Pines. MusicMan has the early shift so he and my parents and Sportsboy’s dad will join us for a birthday dinner at Red Robin tomorrow night. He had an early party with family in Sweden while he was there. Plus, his dad and brother will plot a paint ball outing for him later. Either that or Dave & Busters. I told them to just take over since I really haven’t the time or creative energy to throw anything together. Poor deprived boy has not had a regular party with friends since he turned 9. But, it’s hard given the August date – so many are out of town. Combine that with his heavier sports schedule once he started football and it’s just really a challenge to throw anything together. He’s cool with it though. I’ve never been one who believed that you had to have a party every year anyway. I don’t really like it if kids *expect* it – it should be a treat.

Oh yes, and in case anyone wonders, this may be the only blog I am on for the next month. Work and football make it rather impossible to even read most of my usual sites, let alone participate. Take no offense, I’ll be back!

While I was gone, SweetPrince took care of my car (his brother gave it a full tuneup) and he brought home a kittie condo/climber. As you can see, the cats love it:


This was a rare time when Chip came out on top in a battle. At the moment, it is Amber who is up there resting. I swear with these high ceilings that I could create kitty climbing heaven….but that might be a bit much :->

Sigh…it’s nice to be home and settling into the Football season (see post on My Current Seasons for an explanation). Tuesday’s after practice at Pat & Oscars with the team. Football gear bag out. Weekend laundry routine increased with the practice gear and taking pads out and then putting them back in. Scrimmages coming up. It’s awesome. BUT…I still have a sense of being in Chicago with my buddies. I swear I can close my eyes and be out on that patio with all of those awesome people. Wine glass in hand, hugs and laughter all around. I miss them!!! I am so bummed that they all otherwise live so damn far away from me the rest of the year. I swear between my August mom roommate and my sweet buddy from C&J that a large piece of my heart lives in Portland Maine. Good thing I happen to love it there! Good thing too that as the nearness of the C&J encounter fades, the August mom gathering approaches in less than two months.

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  1. Oh, darn. Website above is undergoing maintenance. But you can get the idea just from its front page! They published a book about how they modified their house for the climbing pleasure of their herd of kitties!


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