Are you technophobic?

Well, you can’t be too technophobic if you are reading blogs, right? But then, that is a pretty passive activity. Surfing the internet for info or entertainment shouldn’t be too scary.

What about internet shopping? Facebook? Twitter? Writing your own blog? Posting pictures on the internet of you or your family? Online banking? Heck, (and yes) even auto deposit of your paycheck?

All those things above? My dear boyfriend freaks OUT about them!!

That last one he has finally figured out how to accept. Mostly because his workplace wont issue paper checks anymore (I don’t think mine will either, but then, I don’t know because I haven’t HAD anything but auto deposit since it was first offered 15+ years ago!). And he concedes that nothing has gone wrong and that (hallelujah!), it IS oh so nice not to be running to the bank every two weeks.

Still, he is skeptical about EVERYTHING else! It drives me, a notorious early adopter, utterly insane. He shows up at my house with his bag and his stack of bills in a grumpy mood & demanding stamps. Who has stamps? At least, at any point outside of Christmas card mailing time? I haven’t mailed a household bill since Wells Fargo started online bill payment which I KNOW was before SB was born! Shoot, I sign on nowadays to my bank account with my phone if I need to check on something! Waiting for checks to clear? Ancient history! I’ve tried to get him to setup online bill pay. He is, again, at least cracking open his mind to the topic, but whenever we start the process he is missing some info or something and it never quite gets done. Shoot, I’ve got my parents setup with the service!! My mom does two things on the computer – plays Pogo Games & does online banking. At her age (something SHE would rather be kept under wraps), that’s pretty damn impressive. Like the paycheck deposit, I am more irritated about this issue due to it being a huge inconvenience on both of us. (since he’s always begging me for stamps!).

The last time I posted something on here with his picture in it? I had to take it down. He’s amazingly afraid of anything about himself being online. It’s OK that I write about him because I use a blog name, but you’ll notice there’s no photos. His brother and sister and I are all on Facebook – he wont do it. His brother setup the beginnings of an account but he wont follow through and has left my friend request dangling for over a year. It’s not like he’s ever been burned or knows personally of anyone who has been hurt by something online. He just is fearful of it all.

He is the classic luddite I suppose. Except when it comes to cell phones. He’s had one since THOSE first came out and it is never away from his ear. Well, there you go – even on that he is behind the times because he keeps insisting on TALKING to people on the phone! Text dammit! 😉

So do you know anyone who just will not be dragged even kicking and screaming into 2011? Heck, I’d settle for 2000 at this point!

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  1. My aunt! We finally all convinced my uncle to get a cell phone and that was only after my grandmother (his mom) was critically ill and no one could reach him. By the time he got home it was too late to catch a plane and by the next day, she was gone. That convinced him he needed to be reachable. But my aunt won’t do it. She won’t get a cell phone. She won’t touch the computer even though I offered to sit with her and teach her. She won’t even listen to messages on her answering machine (yes they still have an ancient phone answering machine) until someone comes to do it for her. And I am hundreds of miles and a state away from her. I want to call her and check on her now that she is alone but sometimes it is impossible to get in touch with her and it makes me worry.


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