Quickie race results

Post race pose - still standing!

More complete race report (combo of me and the participant) later this week. I’m zapped out!

From the time stamps on the tweets I sent this morning:

6:55am – in the water, staying towards the back to avoid being kicked or getting in the way of the fast swimmers. First race in a wet suit & open water so this was a wise move.

7:11am – I post that he is ON HIS BIKE. That is 16 mins from in the water, swim 1/4 mile, run out (tossing goggles to his dad since he forgot his and his dad’s wave started a full hour later), into transition, wiggle out of wet suit, realize he forgot his towel too so fan dry his feet, pull on socks, bike shoes & helmet and then head out. Seriously, that was pretty damn quick.

7:44am – I post that he is entering the transition area  – he came flying in on his bike looking VERY strong, fast & smiling. So fast of course, that I couldn’t get a picture dammit! Anyhow, that’s 33 mins to ride 9 miles.

8:11am – I post that he’s done. Hah – 8:11 – his birthday 🙂 So I calculated in my head that I thought he would be in from 1:15-1:18 (rounding up in case I had miscalculated my time segments)

Official time was 1:15:34 – 5 out of 6 in his age group (fasted guy is one we’ve seen at both time trials & who I saw at the Coronado sprint came in at under an hour). More importantly we are fairly sure he beat his dad handily – which was his goal. THIS time 🙂

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