Well, THAT was a crazy 20 minutes!

Ever have a totally unexpected whirlwind of time when people and events just swirled into each other unexpectedly & you were in the center trying to keep everyone spinning in their proper directions?

Yeah, well, it just happened and it’s a good thing I’ve had most of this week off & have done a fair amount of recharging.

Scene setup:

I had all of SB’s triathlon gear here. Bike (borrowed again from coach Matt), bike shoes, helmet, tri suit & wet suit.

I was waiting on another pair of hand me down shoes from Sweet Prince’s brother. The first pair suffered a blow out during PE last month. He still had this original shoes purchased in August that fit just fine, but are well worn to the point of the air pockets leaking. They have been named the ‘farting shoes’ due to the lovely noise the leaking air bubbles make when he runs in them.

SB was with his dad – they were running errands and picking up their race bibs & wave time assignments.

I had been calling SP all morning to arrange a rendezvous with the shoes – but he was wrapped up in errands with HIS mom (a monthly ritual). We agreed that I would meet him just 5 minutes away & just off the freeway when his errands were done.

See what’s happening here? Both sets of needed people out running errands? Sort of open ended? Yeah.

SP calls & I high tail it out of here to get the shoes.

As I pull up to get them, SB calls wondering where I am since he and his dad just pulled up to my house. I tell him to wait.

I return home and as I pull around the corner, notice that SB’s dad has pulled his oversized pickup truck in the center of my driveway. I can’t pull in. There is no easy street parking so I take a chance and pull into my neighbors driveway (on the side I know she doesn’t use) figuring for those five minutes she will never know….

Run inside and SB tries on the shoes – they fit different, but are still better than the farting ones and he says he wants to go with them. OK, head outside to load the truck and….sure enough, there’s my neighbor pulling in with a quizzical look on her face. I make my apologies and all is fine of course, but really? In those same 10 minutes she had to show up too?

Load up the gear, talk about timing for the morning (MM & I will go down to cheer them on of course) and they take off.

Text SP to let him know the shoes fit and thank you very much!


Now, back to my peaceful Sat afternoon 🙂

** Participant #898. His waves takes off at 6:55am (gulp!) The route for the race is here.   1/4 mile swim, then a 9.1 mile bike ride then a 5k (3.07) mile run. He will be as prepared as any bride with something old (shoes), something new (tri suit), something borrowed (the bike) and something blue (his wetsuit) 😉 **

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  1. Such is the life of a mom. Sometimes I used to marvel that things worked out as they did when I was running around with/after my three kids, each involved in some different activity!


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