So, this happened

First shave - brother coaches brother
With the "Manly Month of March" long over, it was time to clean that upper lip.
Another milestone passed

As was pointed out on Facebook – ironic how guys (and gals with their legs) look so forward to that first shave – and then hate that grooming chore for the rest of their lives!

Another Facebook comment was that I was lucky to get pics. Yes, I know, but as you see, I waited until they were mid-stream and at that point The Boy was so focused on the task and not cutting himself that he couldn’t really protest my photographic intrusions. I was forbidden from tagging him in the photo I posted on FB – thereby keeping his friend’s from seeing it…..for now 🙂

3 thoughts on “So, this happened

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  1. Neat. You got to share that with him, well with them because it has to have been special for big brother too even if in some other way than we might think special. I love the sneaky camera in the background, too!


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