Over the last weeks anyone driving along the coast has been treated to the sight of huge flocks of Brown Pelicans soaring along the water line. I’ve been enjoying the views on my way home and saying to myself  “I need to snap a picture of this!” Of course I never remember to put my good camera in the car, and the 1st couple of attempts to capture them on the phone were failures, but on the way home yesterday I got lucky with a long line of birds and just enough traffic to slow me down 🙂 Pardon the funky tilts and angles. Still amazes me that these enormous looking birds actually fly so gracefully.

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  1. I really like pelicans. I’m not sure which bird looks more prehistoric to me — the pelican or the Great Blue Heron. Both look like they shouldn’t be able to fly, yet they do it almost effortlessly.


  2. Yeah, pelicans are pretty special birds. Just a couple of weeks ago my son (he’s 29) was telling a friend about the time he first touched a pelican and his thoughts at that time (when he was about five). I was listening and thought how neat that he remembers that! Petting pelicans on at the end of the wharf in Monterey!


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