Mental Spring Cleaning

Time to brush off a little dust around here. *cough* *cough* Sorry about that.

Worse than the dust accumulation in here though, is the clog in my brain from not posting! Twitter helps for those quick bursts, but man has it been hard to not go through each day thinking in terms of potential blog posts. Or worse, having something pop up that would be an awesome topic and then…having no time to pursue it and having it drift out of my memory banks, leaving the residue of an idea, but no pertinent details. Just a dust bunny of an idea. Sigh…

Anyhoo, for shits & giggles would you please go to my other site and vote on whether or not you vote? I actually have the framework of a post for over there but I’m curious to know how many others might be in my same voting status boat.

Giggle – vote, boat – I rhymed! (oh so easily amused, I am) Geez, now I’m Yoda-ing.

Excuse my insanity – but you see, with my much beloved circuit training classes ending in March, I’ve had to motivate myself to continue working out on my own. Thanks to a mega cool App for That which tracks cool stats like distance, pace, speed, time etc, I’m heading out to run/walk every other night or so after work. Yes, I used the “R” word. Tonight was my 4th night out doing the combo and the 2.3 mile route was completed in 25 minutes. 1.6 of that was running. Well, not exactly *running* – I really should call it jogging. Trust me, 12 minute miles when you are running is not fast 😉 Considering that I walk the uphill portions though which may not be at 5mph, I suppose I might be running in faster, but it’s still slow – trust me! The point is – I would have labeled you INSANE if you had told me that I would voluntarily be doing this but – there it is. The non jogging days I have got a pretty solid 30 minute circuit routine going with my free weights. So far, so good on the self motivation thing.

Heck, since I started working out almost 2 years ago? 10 lbs gone. 10! What the hell? So, you’re saying that cutting out the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, the occasional fast food meal & doing heavier duty workouts would mean losing weight? Huh. Really. Maybe they should publicize that more ;-))

Meanwhile I was sitting here the other night telling The Boyfriend about a FREE shipping deal I found for some more hand weights and some resistance bands and how I want to save up for a Bosu ball.

His response? “Oh, you want some home workout stuff? I’ve got a Bosu ball and one of those red stability balls. I think I have some hand weights too.”

Dude! Really?! And how thick is the layer of dust on those items huh?!! Seriously, I’ve been lamenting the loss of the classes since we found out a month ago and it just NOW occurs to him that he might have the items I need to duplicate most of the exercises at home??!!!!


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