Time Trial #2

Positive Condition #1 : Second TT so we knew what we were doing.

Positive Condition #2: We did not have to spring forward our clocks the night before thereby losing even MORE sleep. In fact, we both actually SLEPT quite soundly from 10-4. Perhaps having a relaxing, filling dinner with R&E Sat night helped!

Positive Condition #3: Borrowing Coach Matt’s very nice road bike. It meant learning how to clip in and out with bike shoes, but after some practice and tips from R&E on Saturday, he got the hang of it.

Negative Condition #1: It was colder and windier on the track than it had been last time.

Negative Condition #2: He was coming down with a mild cold & was rather congested in the head/nose the day before which continued on into race day.

Those conditions combined to give him a total time of 25:41 (.52 seconds faster than TT#1) and an avg speed of 19.35 (.63 mph faster). SO – he did *improve* but not as much as he had hoped. Still, even with feeling overall like crap – I let him skip the post race run that he really should have done to prep for the upcoming triathlon – he still said after that he wanted me to sign him up for May – which is just one week AFTER said Tri!

The pics are a combo of mine from my crappy point & shoot camera, mine using superstar ironwoman and Olympic medal triathlete Michielli Jone’s super duper camera, and some which she took herself. MJ was there to keep coach Tanja humble and take first place overall for the women 🙂

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