Hello out there in bloggy-land!

Ah…..you hear that? No? Shhhhhh…focus….


There you go. That is the sound of life post-election and post-football season. Me, flopped in my favorite chair watching whatever I want to watch on tv or reading my magazines. Because I can. Well, after tomorrow night’s board meeting that is. Gotta have a post-season wrap up meeting. Plus those dang cheerleaders never really stop. Three squads made it rhgouh *their* competitive levels to qualify for Florida so we have to design a travel budget for them tomorrow.

But I digress…back to me relaxin’……OK, in reality there is going to be a lot of this:


Followed by a whole LOT of this:


If you are new in the last year to my site – Hi, I’m the real life Mrs Griswold. Only there is no Mr. Its all me. The explosion of lights shall commence early this year since I have Wednesday off work (cleaning and furniture rearranging day) and no formal plans for Thanksgiving. Normally we head out to my mom’s, but they are visiting the relatives in New Orleans – well, really Pass Christian Mississippi now which is where they re-settled after Katrina. Sportsboy is most likely electing to travel up to San Fransisco with his dad despite the long car rides (it is his week there anyway) and Music Man claims he has “loads of options”. Not quite sure what that means but…since I personally do not LIKE turkey and have never cooked one, I am not about to start now!! SweetPrince and I will wing it. His family is also not really doing anything (whoda thunk eh? For once there is nothing going on with either side of the family and rather than splitting time and appetite between two places, we have none!) So a-decorating I will go! And I shall post the results here.

Oh – and also the new artwork! FINALLY after almost 5 full years I found paintings to hang on the big red wall! I left it essentially blank all this time just waiting for inspiration (and a bargain) to pop up. And it did this weekend with an art collection display at the umm…err…..(ahem)..grocery store! Yep. Only high class stuff goes on my walls. Hey – at least it wasn’t the gas station!! Seriously though they are just simple oils on canvas done in a style with hints of impressionism by what are most assuredly just commissioned high volume artists – I love them! It’s a series of 3 paintings of musical instruments with violins as the centerpiece. Violins painted in a shade of red remarkably close in color to my wall. You’ll see when I hang them Wednesday – they just POP!

Meanwhile my cat is being a pain in the ass right now and I need to see what she is destroying now – it’s not even a full moon but she’s batting around toys she used to ignore and last night she got into things/places she should not be in my bedroom at 4:30am and I had to toss her out and shut the door. Been awhile since she was a pest like that. Now she is making way too much noise in the downstairs bathroom….sigh…so much for relaxing!

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  1. lol, i love how cats always find a big burst of energy at 4 in the morning. Ours hide under the bed and such when it’s time to go in the garage, and then emerge at pre-dawn, eager for affection, attention, someone to let them out, etc.

    I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing reprieve. I’m not ready for Christmas yet.

    (you remember what happened to the Griswold’s cat, yes?)


  2. You don’t like turkey, but you’re going to wing it for Thanksgiving? Bwahahahah! ROTFL! Somewhere, there must be a protocol for having dim sum on Thanksgiving. Once I’ve cooked our feast, I won’t want to touch it.


  3. I love that you found your precious art pieces at the grocery store. I like to buy clothes at the grocery store. (a few t-shirts here and there or shirts for one of the kids when they’ve destroyed what they’re wearing i.e. soaked their shirt with vomit while out somewhere)

    Can’t wait to see the art on the wall.


  4. Hey, TPG, hope that you and SweetPrince have a special Thanksgiving together!

    Where your parents will be, in Pass Christian, on Thanksgiving, is literally only a few yards to the west of my travel trailer where I live, which sits on land in Harrison County, between the city boundaries of Pass Christian and Long Beach.

    Small world, isn’t it?

    I love your header! Beautiful color!

    Yes! I mentioned that specifically for you 🙂 They called me yesterday as they drove through Slidell with their relatives – which is near where they all used to be before Katrina. They were marveling at the new houses going up on stilts. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


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