Friday Beauty – Mood Reflection

It's been an abstract kind of week

Not a bad week. But certainly a weird, out of focus week. So there is color, because it’s very pretty all around me. Twinkly lights are everywhere. At work. Inside & outside my house. On web pages & avatars – the holidays are in full swing.!  But a sinus headache day on Tuesday threw off my sleep patterns enough that then Wednesday night I totally forgot to set my alarm & I slept in yesterday and consequently had to rush out the door to work and…aack! Any clarity of mind I might have recovered on Wednesday was pretty much shot to hell yesterday. Finally started to feel less foggy last night when I went to watch the high school varsity football team play in their semi-final playoff game. The chilly air and excitement of the game and the people watching in the crowd perked me back up. Unfortunately they lost, but it sure was fun this year getting back into the swing of Friday Night Lights.

I guess my week was a microcosm of life eh? Ebbs & flows. Wavy ups and downs and times when it feels like you are just along for the ride alternating with times when you might have some control.

And that ever challenging point of having the wisdom to know the difference 🙂

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