(Not so) little boys ALWAYS find the mud!

SportsBoy played in his first baseball game in a long time and of course he had to pull it off in style. it’s Freshman fall ball with the high school team and Saturday morning they played on a field at a high school that was in pretty good shape. Varsity field and all that. The last rain we had was a week ago so it was slightly damp, but only from the morning moisture. However, there WAS a patch of swampland in the shallow part of right field. Kind of behind where you would be if you were playing second base (which he was). In the last inning, as they were closing out a tight victory, the ball is hit on a low liner to second. He was positioned so that the ball basically hit the ground *right* where his glove was – he either should have stepped back to take it on a bounce or run in to catch it on the fly. But he got caught at the in between bounce and it skidded off the tip of his glove out into right field. He raced after it, slid to cut it off before it rolled all the way into the outfield and **SPLOOSH!** He came up literally dripping in mud.

Thus endeth the white pants!

One thought on “(Not so) little boys ALWAYS find the mud!

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  1. Baseball pants and football uniforms–true laundry challenges.

    Back in the day, Danger Boy would run away from the ball at first, so he could then run in and slide for the catch. Boys do love their mud puddles!

    Congrats on the victory.


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