2018 Athena Story

Hello faithful readers and friends! The summer was a tad more hectic than I anticipated but let’s get back into the groove. I have so much to share! But first, my primary reason was being here right now is to elevate my Project Athena adventures and….some of the bios for the 2018 Athena’s are up!

My first adventure in 2018 will be my 3rd Harbor To Harbor trek. Here’s a snippet from one of the Athenas I will be supporting on that walk:

A woman in my online support group shared about being an Athena and a Goddess with PAF, and it captured my heart. The mental battle has taken great focus and intentionality on my part, but I feel like I’ve been pretty passive with my body as I’ve walked through this journey. To be completely honest – I’m really mad at it for failing me and bringing such havoc and fear into my world. My biggest hope from completing this Athena Adventure with PAF is that I can walk away having a respect and appreciation for my body again. I want it to carry me through to something great. I’m not expecting it to be free of disappointments, but I’m hoping that I can go through this feeling like I’m working with my body instead of it working against me.

Here’s a link to her full story: Rebecca Palmatier

I hope this inspires you to donate to my walk. These scholarships cover literally everything for the recipients. Shoes, trekking pole, backpacks, airfare to the location, and everything possible needed during the adventure weekend. As a Goddess, while I do have to get myself to the city (hah, I live there for the first one!) and buy all of my own supplies for training and the event, once I get there, all of MY accommodations and food are also covered. This organization makes sure that the ONLY thing we have to focus on is putting one foot in front of the other…and perhaps pulling or pushing or carrying a load here and there for each other along the way.

Donate here: Harbor To Harbor 2018

More to come soon – thank you!


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