JV football photos

Our #88

The JV squad is 3-0. Our #88 is liking the season much more than last year, but as always craves more playing time and opportunity to get his hands on the football. This last game, due to an injury, he was on kickoff return and…got to touch the ball. He also had a couple of plays where his blocking skills as a wide receiver created room for the ball carriers to get 10-15 extra yards. One sequence was so obviously excellent that the announcer even called out his name and number for it.

He starts at wide receiver and also on kickoffs for special teams. On kickoffs, the cool thing is to watch him from his outside position run so fast that he is usually the first guy to get to the returner if the kick is on his side. He’s made the tackle, or severely slowed the guy down, or gotten to switch lanes into a group of tacklers nearly every time. In these photos, when he gets to the ball carrier, the guy has to clearly cheat to get away from him (something the refs did not see). Luckily, he was tackled pretty immediately after.

Blocking 101: The defender in front of him is about to meet his shoulder
Blocking 101: And more yards are gained (note the photographer in jeans)
Blocking 101: from the photographer in the other photo
Facemask! C'mon ref! Throw the flag! (he didn't)
Facemask - so wrong - he only got 5 more yards before being tackled
Kick return - notice the cut he has to make to avoid the wedge - yes, he is too fast for his blockers!

Also note that there are THREE Falcon blockers engaging ONE guy while two others focus in on #88 – not the most effective wedge ever made boys!

He still ran around that corner and went another 10 yards before being tackled. It was a great return that setup the 2nd touchdown for the team putting them in the lead for good.


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  1. We went to one of your Varsity games a couple of weeks ago. My 9th grader is going to the other red and gold school across the street 😉 It was an “away” game for us…


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