Complaints, I have a few

  • Unfinished or poorly designed or broken websites. Really, it’s 2011 and if your online storefront is not your #1 priority then you are doing it wrong. I’m planning the upcoming August Moms gathering here next weekend and I spent yesterday surfing around restaurant websites and nothing irritated me more than trying to open a menu page and finding….nothing!  NEXT!
  • Facebook changes – no, I am not one of the multitudes screaming bloody murder about them. I adjust and adapt and block new things as needed, BUT, since a lot of people ARE bugged beyond belief about it, some of them are packing it in and moving to Google + – which means I have to maintain two accounts because I now have friends who I WANT to stay connected to who love/hate one or the other and refuse to dance with one or the other. ARGH! I blame Facebook since they were there first and if they hadn’t been so stupid with rolling out their updates which drove people away then I could just live the simple life in one place. I mean, why can’t Facebook just please all of the people all of the time eh? That’s not so hard, is it? ;->>
  • People who copy/paste those Facebook statuses daring you NOT to copy/paste the same one into yours. You know the ones, right? They insinuate that if you DON”T act like a lemming and show your support for the cause that EVERYONE MUST SUPPORT then puppies and babies will die (or something similarly dire) and then you will be the PARIAH OF THE UNIVERSE (or at least the social media world). Well, me = pariah because I REFUSE. I can come up with my own statuses thank you very much and no, I don’t need to declare my hatred for cancer because, well, why in the bloody hell would you think I SUPPORT it?
  • People who don’t respond to emails – personal or professional. So rude.
  • Children (like both of mine were/are) who think reading and doing homework is akin to a daily root canal. GAWD! I just don’t get it and I absolutely hate it that I have to pester and nag and cajole and then STILL see those farking red boxes where assignment grades should be! Do I really need to haggle through 3 more years of this?

All right, that should make it easier for me to get through the week – what’s bugging you?

3 thoughts on “Complaints, I have a few

Add yours

  1. Argh. That first one drives. me. crazy. Why even HAVE a website if you aren’t going to maintain it?!?!

    Ungrateful kids. Me: Surprise! We’re at the playground! You love the playground! (and I hate the playground) Yay! TWO HOURS LATER: Time to go!
    Kids: This is the worst thing EVER. I can’t believe you are making us leave! (or as my oldest said today, “I’m not a *little* disappointed, I’m VERY DISAPPOINTED”)

    People who comment on my facebook posts with things like, “That terrible thing that Bush did? That was totally on Obama too since he was President Elect at the time.” WHAAA??? Got this one just yesterday.

    Thanks, I feel better!


  2. My kid has also reached the homework impasse. I am sure her teacher thinks I am lazy or something, but seriously, I threaten, I cajole, I monitor, but I CAN’T DO IT FOR HER!!!! Sheesh!!!


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