As I alluded to in an earlier post, there have been um…”issues” with the plumbing in the ladies rooms in the basement. I use the term “ladies” quite loosely. Toilets left un-flushed, or not completely flushed, toilet paper rolls almost never replaced (seriously, go in there after 3:30 and you will inevitable see two empty rolls while the new ones sit either unopened, or worse, unwrapped and left ON THE FLOOR!). Apparently some also flushed things that I thought EVERY WOMAN ON THE PLANET knew not to flush, but, apparently NOT because that’s why we all got an email about it last week and had to endure red tide quality smells. Yeesh!

After all that – just to further prove that common sense is a lost art, today the bathroom sink is clogged. Why? Because someone keeps dumping coffee grounds in there. Why? Who knows? It’s not like there is an actual KITCHEN just a few yards down the hall with a real SINK with a GARBAGE DISPOSAL, or hey, how about those enormous TRASH CANS???

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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