Appointment blogging

I thought about this a month ago and then, you know, forgot about it.

But as much as I normally chafe against appointment blogging I think I am going to give it a try because otherwise I don’t write at all these days.

So Friday will be Questiontime and Monday will be The Complaint Box (because if there is any day out there that should be reserved for whining, it is Monday!)

So today’s question is:

If there is ONE thing YOU could change about your life right now to make it easier/happier/peaceful – what would it be?

It has to be something you could truly do – that is somewhat in your control – and it can be as small or as big as you want.

I was going to go with asking about a fantasy situation that you could change, but I then I thought, no, the question should hopefully give you something to constructively think about.

I’ll think about it too and post my answer along with everyone else’s on Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Appointment blogging

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  1. Things are a lot more peaceful at the manor since we got rid of the boarders. Completely. Yup, I can now once again traipse around my own house in my underwear again!

    The only way things could be more peaceful would be if the in-laws were all fitted with a permanent Cone of Silence.


    1. Yeah, if I look at things out of my control, things that kind of need a Magic Wand – I would wave it and get older son a driver’s license, a job & the financial freedom to move out. that is something I want more for HIM, but of course there are some selfish reasons too. More cash flow for me + a real guest bedroom/office.


  2. SUCH a first world issue but… I’d be rid of this tiny house we are stuck in and living in the great house we could realistically afford if we could sell this place, where my kids could ride their bikes more than back and forth on the sidewalk. Indulge me in the whine of living in 782 sq ft with husband and three girls (plus two dogs and two rats). It’s tight.


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