May 31st – The End

How do you know I am done with May?

Because I was *this* close to forgetting to post.

Its 10:30 – 15 and I just got home from a round of celebratory milkshakes with Eve & Renee. What were we celebrating? Renee’s new website!

Also? 15 finished his online English course!

Also? I had to deal with a nearly blown out water pump in my car today.

Also? There is drama in my back yard between neighbors due to a new fence.

Also? I ran 40 miles this month after not starting until the 6th. Got out there 14 times.

So I think I have earned a day off.

It truly has been a Merry Month of May though. I wanted to do a¬†retrospective, but…eh…I’m tired. So many nights I thought I would barely eke out 200 words and then would see the total end up at over 800. This has been a great writing exercise and I hope to keep it up at a decent clip.

But, not every day. At least not in June.

I need to go to bed!

Thanks for taking the journey with me.

Don’t stop believing and all that feel good stuff.

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