I remember when rock was young

Ah, 1972. This song came on the radio this morning and I realized that it is the oldest song that I remember in it’s correct time frame. You know what I mean? I specifically remember this song when it came out.  Why? thanks to Wonderama! Who remembers that show? For my time frame the host was Bob McAllister. Every Sat show they had a music segment and this is where I was introduced to Crocodile Rock. And I loved it and I still remember sitting on the floor of the den watching. They used Crododile Rock a LOT for their Wonderama A Go Go segment which was a dance contest. Oh my, well..check out what I found searching on Wonderama on you tube! The debut of a band and song which is enjoying a huge come back this year thanks to a certain movie by the same name:

LOL! Don’t you love the outfits?? And how the sound fades away as the kids start cheering? No, they weren’t lip syncing were they?!!

4 thoughts on “I remember when rock was young

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  1. I wonder what Sir Elton thinks when he sees these old videos??

    Anyway — as for the ABBA video — was there a plug on the electric guitar? I couldn’t see one — but I don’t know if that was cause there wasn’t one, or cause of the video quality.


  2. I don’t remember the show. Was it local or national?

    Who would have thought ABBA songs would be making such a big comback? I saw Mama Mia and found myself enjoying their music more than I did back in the day.


  3. Wow, what a coincidence I just played that song for my daughter last night. We were discussing whether Elton John’s music was rock or not and she kept saying “no.”
    I said well wait, what about “Crocodile Rock” that should be a clue there.
    So we both agreed it is soft rock.


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