Weekend gardening

Saturday I finally had some time to play in the yard. MusicMan had been bringing home plants from work – basil, corn and watermelon. Then I went to Grumpy’s house to drop off SportsBoy for a play date and end up with some more fuchsia cuttings – this time two different varieties since last time. I figured I’d better start getting some of those plants into a more permanent home.

Now, admittedly I have not clue what I am doing (except with the fucshias). As evidenced by the picture of the onion stalks. Those were the result of some onions that sprouted in the cupboard and I threw them in some pots on a whim sometime around Feb. I had no idea what to expect. They bloomed with these white flower bulbs and now it looks like bulbs are forming on the flower heads? So, now what do I do? Will those small bulbs become new plants? How big should they get before I put *them* into the ground? I found the info I need to know when to harvest the bulbs after they grow in the ground, but I don’t know when to put them there. Yep, this is called gardening by the seat of your pants people. When you only have about 4 full days all year to truly tend to your garden it’s all improv. Hopefully the plants pick up on that and improv their way to some growing and blooming and fruit/veggie bearing. Right? Couple of flower shots too – a morning glory that has finally grown from some seeds I planted and a vibrant yellow/orange canna. No photo of the watermelons – I put them in an open spot at the top of the hillside, but towards the back where there is lots of room to grow. Hard to photograph right now.  I even managed to fertilize things. I like to keep my plants at least *believing* they will get attention so when I do get out in the yard I go all out for them.  Psyche! So here’s the results of my dirt digging:

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  1. I can’t wait until it stops raining so I can get back outside. I have danced with the raindrops occasonally to weed the peppers, beets, onions, corn and the poor pathetic three carrots, but crabgrass is starting to take over everywhere else. This is such a discouraging time of year for flowers in New England; the iris’ and daylilies have peaked and all that is left are stalks. Sad.


  2. This is more of a comment on starstuk’s comment then what you wrote. 🙂 It has rained up here in Maine so much I feel like mold is growing every where. A 128 year record was broken for the most rain in one day. I don’t really like gardening, but I am dieing to get outside without a raincoat. I am so glad I was in New York for a couple days just to see the sun.


  3. Oooohhh, I LOVE the morning glory and the lobelia!! That’s how I first started gardening… blue flowers! 🙂 I love it! And yes, by the seat of one’s pants. I’ve found that it can work quite well, actually. Just try to be attentive and open to what the plants might need.

    I actually kept a gardening notebook for awhile, with notes on what was planted next to what, what overgrew what, if something was or was not doing so well… I found it helpful the following year when it was time to plant again. You can probably grow all year round, huh? :-p


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