My night out

Tonight was Only Child night out. IOW I bought myself one ticket to a concert to see Alanis Morrisette. I go by myself because no one else would be as into it as me 🙂 Well, perhaps that is not entirely correct as there as another woman there by herself who definitely was as into the songs as I was! The venue was perfect for Alanis. The San Diego Civic Center. Acoustics are perfect. Seats are soft and comfy and the aisles are very wide. I was 9 rows back just left of center (hah!). It was fabulous. She is such a good performer. I just don’t know anyone who wraps herself around a song like she does. And she exudes such joy as she sings. Yes, even when she is singing the angrier/darker songs. Of course, there were the usual human interest stories (people watching). The rather loud older couple next to me for one. The man had one of those booming voices that he just could not seem to lower and on top of that he was a total chatty kathy even when the music was playing. Then there were the people who kept on getting up and moving around. I never do understand that. I can sit through a 9 inning baseball game withou getting up ONCE to pee and these folks could not make it through a 100 minute concert. Why? Because they were drinking! I never could understand that. Why would you want to get drunk? And risk not remembering the wonderful music? Oh wait, there wasn’t that much to remember since you missed half the songs coming and going to get more booze and then to, you know, GO! Argh. Then there was a really young couple in front of me who couldn’t stop making out. Oh boy. And the gal who would NOT stop holding up her damn camera to take a picture or video or whatever and finally the Elite guard had to tell her to get out. Stooopid. If the usher tells you two times to put that away, then do it dummy. Nope. She deserved to be bounced. Especially since she was sitting just 4 seats in from the aisle and it was so easy for everyone to see what she was doing!

Enough about them, let’s talk about the music.

Sitting there I realized that I do have a response to Alto2’s question from today. There is one song that always makes me think of Sweet Prince. Head Over Feet. A love song that was on Jagged Little Pill which everyone equates with her classic, woman scorned angry anthem, but there is much more to that entire album. It would probably still not be a proper song to dance to at a wedding as her choice was, but to me, it is the definitive song that makes me think of my man. Given that description you would think that is the video I would showcase, but instead there was an even bigger treat tonight. A song which she normally does not do in concert as it never was a radio hit, but it is one that is very important to me and one of my dear friends, Mom of 4K. This was my first time hearing Alanis do it live and it was every bit as beautiful:

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  1. Good for you. I’ve never gone to a concert by myself, but I would if I had to.
    It seems as if every time I have a perfect photo shot lined up someone in front of me is waving their arm side to side. Drives me nutters.

    Alanis, that’s good stuff.


  2. I saw Alannis Morrisette in concert, and she is an excellent performer. In front of me was a woman about my age (middle aged) and her daughter (teen) and three of her daughter’s friends. The daughter was so embarrassed, you could tell by how she moved as far as she could away from her mom. The mom was drinking wine and belting out the songs and swaying her body and head and dancing. I got the sense that it was a horrifying night for the girl. I could kind of relate to the mom. Ya gotta let loose sometimes, although I suppose not when your teenage daughter is around. 8)


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