Champs again!


Conference Champs again! 16-0 game. No touchdowns for #55 today, but it doesn’t matter. The team played awesome as usual. The even more awesome part is that the other team from our league also won at their level so we have two division 1 conference champs and we will be playing back to back again next weekend. On our home field this time.

It was THE hottest day ever! Yes, on Nov 8, I was zapped by the hot sun. Sorry to my cold weather friends, but honestly I was not terribly happy about it! I was so zapped that after we won we barely stumbled to a restaurant for some lunch and then I had to go home and nap 🙂

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  1. No. There is no Orlando for his division this year. Which is a good thing really!! This year, the goal is to what they didn’t quite accomplish last year which is to win WesCon (which would normally qualify you for Orlando, just not this year).


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