Don’t Stop Believin’

I saw this just now and was inspired. On my political blog email list there has been talk about what song is running through their head now that the election is over. And then it hit me that it had to be this one:

What I don’t understand is why the guy writing that article is so shocked that this is the top selling digital song! Why not? As pointed out in the article, it’s made the rounds on the soundtracks of plenty of popular movies and tv shows and as the song for the World Series champion Chicago White Sox in 2005. By far its most famous use though was as the final sounds heard as the epic tv series The Sopranos ended. Consequently a whole new generation of music buyers know it. Of course my history with it dates back to when that video up there was made – live concert in the 80s. I saw them live several times back then. I was utterly in LOVE with Steve Perry. What? Why are you laughing? You don’t find that stunningly large nose attractive?


Anyhow, since my car always had a Journey cassette (yes, I said cassette. Stop laughing. Again) in it, my oldest son was indoctrinated into Journey fandom very early on. One of the first times I heard him bring his boom box (shut UP!) into his bathroom to play music while taking a shower – it was Journey that blasted through the doorway. I honestly thought that my younger one though would miss out. He was brain washed early on by AC/DC (thank you Momof4k) and has generally preferred either classic hard rock such as that or else more current top 40 stuff. Then the other day he started singing in the car. Acapella out of the blue. “Just a city boy. Born and raised in south Detroit.” Huh? I asked him how he knew that song and he said that someone on his baseball team sang it non stop last season. He wondered if I knew it?!!!!!! Yeah baby, I know it 🙂

And it’s the perfect tune for this week. To celebrate the victory, but also to keep focused on the fight against prop 8.

NEVER stop believing!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Believin’

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  1. I saw Journey in 1974 or ’75. They were one of the bands that opened for Fleetwood Mac at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. No one in my group had ever heard of Journey at the time. It was my first concert. 🙂


  2. me encantan!!
    journey me encanta!!!
    pero perry ,yo estoi fascinada con su voz…
    para mi escuchar su musica es totalmente extasiante
    porque libera de tensiones jajaja
    son mi grupo favorito..
    que lastima que no naci en su decada porque hubiese sido una fans enamorada…estaban bien lindos!!

    atte………Ruby (chile)


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