Sick cat and surgeon update

Ugh! Only slept 3 hours last night. Chip the pootie fell ill this week. I noticed he was low energy on Wednesday night, but he was eating and drinking and all those other good things and not sneezing or anything. Last night around 11:00pm though the boyfriend called me into see a very limp pootie. Scared me good! Called the vet and determined that it could wait until morning to bring him in, but I had to keep Chip drinking water as he was feverish and probably dehydrated. $500 of tests later and we wait. He is much better now though still largely resting. Perkier though. Playing with Amber and sitting at the open window watching birds fly by again.

I finally got to see the surgeon about my atypical breast cells. Another mammogram and probably another biopsy are in the future, but it’s all preventative stuff and as long as we keep it moving along I’ll be fine. I really liked this lady which is what matters.

Very happy to have a flexible workplace that could handle me staying home on short notice today so that I could take care of the morning appointments and then come home and sleep on the sofa with my cats!

We are on the one week countdown to Opening Night at Petco Park! Yay!! I didn’t renew my season tickets, but I did get these from a friend who does still have a plan. We are pumped.

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  1. I am happy that Chip is well chipper.

    It seeems like you’ve had thr week from hell. Enjoy the game with your little one.

    Smooches and hugs,


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