But wait! There’s more!

I should probably not ask “what more can they screw up?” because they will surely show me!! Yes, I am referring to the *brilliant* and *utterly efficient* staff at the surgeon’s office.  Nurse calls this AM asking for me email address and to confirm all the previously mentioned arrangements. Surgery is still on for noon. Yes, drive straight to them after the needle procedure. No other instructions or comments are made at this time, and – as I have written before – no FURTHER instructions are given over the phone (I’ve now spoken with nurse B regarding this surgery 4 times including the original call to schedule it). She emails me the pre-op instructions. Here is line one:

You will need some tests done before surgery. (oh really?)
Blood work: Lab Corp in La Jolla (what?! I need to have blood work done sometime between now and the 14th at a facility in La Jolla that is in the same building I was in on Monday morning?!! And I am just finding this out NOW?????)

Unbelievable. Not only that, but I call Lab Corp and they don’t have any instructions from the surgeon on WHAT tests to run! Most likely it is a CBC which means no fasting or anything and I can just walk in with my lab order from the surgeon and get it done anytime between 7-5:30pm tomorrow or Friday. Should only take 20 mins and they don’t close over lunch. However, that teensy detail about the lab order….I am now waiting for the surgeon’s office to return from lunch so that I can find out just how I am supposed to acquire this lab order and why the hell didn’t they talk to me about this one of the other 4 times we spoke over the last week???

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  1. Ughhhhh. This all sounds like insanity, or the twilight zone. I can’t believe they are having you get your own transportation to the other facility with a needle stuck in you?? My word… WTF??? Give ’em hell when this is all done and over with. My best to you as you go through all of this crap. Hugs and smooches!


  2. In addition to sending the nasty letter to the surgical group, you should send a copy to your HMO recommending the group be removed from the list. Additionally, you should demand to be allowed to see the docs at Scripps in network for all the hassles they’ve caused you. Finally, I hope you will consider switching to a PPO plan, if possible, or a different plan that will allow you to see Scripps doctors.

    Above all, I wish you good luck with the procedure. I hope it goes smoothly and that they find exactly nothing.


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