Not so bad

Thankfully once I reached the surgical nurse she told me she had faxed the lab order already. I asked her to fax me a copy and went in with that today and got the blood draw done in less than an hour. Yay! Something went smoothly. Now, why do I have a pounding headache? Sigh.

A tale of resourcefulness and responsibility: Oddly, this is about DS2! The kid who makes his dad and I shake our heads in wonder that he gets through the day unscathed quite a bit! Today is baseball practice for him and we normally drop him off to school in the morning with his gear bag since the practice is at his school (love that!). Today though, his dad forgot to do that. It was also a big field trip day to the Maritime Museum and there was some question as to what time the buses would return to school. At 3:00pm I get a call from childcare asking if DS2 was on that field trip and I confirmed that he was. At that point he had not checked in with them. Normally he is at childcare for about 45 mins before he signs himself out to go to the baseball field. I warned them that he might forget to do that today so maybe they could peak out onto the field around 3:45 and see if they spot him. At 3:30 I get a call from his dad who was heading to the house to get the forgotten bat bag and drop it off. He just wanted to confirm the practice time. While we are on the phone he says “Wait, there he is!” Huh? I ask him where he is and he says he is about a block from his house and he has spotted DS2 walking towards the school with his bat bag! Apparently he got off the field trip bus and walked back to his dad’s to get the bat bag (probably not trusting that his dad would think to get it for him – heehee!) So, Ex2 tells me he will rescue the little guy and drive him back for practice. I call childcare back to let them know we have located DS2 for sure. They inform me that at 3:15 he checked in and signed himself in and then out! Wait a minute! He *remembered* to check in before taking the initiative to walk home and get his gear?? WOW!! When I said “wow” on the phone the childcare rep stated that DS2 is pretty reliable so they were not surprised. Well now, whaddya know?? I guess there is hope for the little Space Cadet after all.

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