A different perspective

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom

     – anais nin

First of all, welcome to Day 1 of NaBloPoMo the bloggers challenge to post at least once a day in the month of November. Yeah, not sure why I am trying this, but what the heck. As a result there may be some new readers which is a tad nerve wracking, but it will also be fun to find other sites myself. Like a few of my friends did last year. I also promise to comment on those I stumble upon to say a quick hello. IOW, I am committing to giving up sleep this month!! So driving in to work this morning I was listening to one of my many alanis morissette cd’s and I got this idea to use her lyrics as a source for my opening quotes this month. Really, I could easily find 30 from her songs! So I go to her homepage to skim through her lyrics and right out front was the quote above. Perfect! For the new readers, that about says it all for me. I will be talking about anything and everything, uncensored. Unless I need to get something out which touches on a few personal stories which I will then protect, but generally those will be stories about other people who would not want things ‘out there’. Stuff about me? Oh, it will be OUT there!! Here’s one for you now.

Today, I found a positive side to the firestorm of ’07. A personal one. Ladies, you will particularly understand how perfectly this all came together. Today was my annual doctor’s visit. Yeah, that one. The one you mark on your calendar with a shudder and then, when it is over you think “Oh, thank gawd there are 364 days until I have to do *that* again!” Now, I have had the same ob-gyn for about 7 years now. He is great – fast an efficient. However, the small talk during the exam each year has been the same. “Where do you work?” “What do you do there?” “How long have you been there?” “How are your kids?” I swear it was like a recording. Of course, you answer as you stare up at the lovely paneled ceiling and florescent lights and try to make your answers interesting to keep yourself distracted.  But today, we were able to branch out! Today, the exam went even faster it seemed since we could all (he, the nurse and I) talk about the fires. Shoot, I even caught myself looking at the nurse instead of at the ceiling! Without a doubt that was one of the least awkward exams I ever experienced.  Whew. And yes, thank gawd there are 364 more days until the next one!!!

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  1. My annual gyn exam will be this coming week. Yippee. I put it off as long as possible. I can’t wait for her to tell me the laundry list of things I need to change in my life. Pbbbft.


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