The best Valentines Day compliment ever!

Google doodle screen cap for Valentines Day 2012

I know, I know, you are dying to know how the 5k went after all that build up. So, to dispense with that – Alex finished in 22:40, I finished in 33:16 – we both thought the last hill was hell – however, I actually kept running (albeit more slowly) up the whole thing whereas is he did some walking to catch his breath.  His time was still barely a minute more than the flat race though he didn’t meet his goal since there was a flipping track team from up north that entered it and blew away his age group (unfair I say!). I beat my goal by nearly 2 full minutes and frankly I think I could have gone faster the first 2 miles to build up a bigger cushion for that last hill. I know I had more in me.

Anyhoo – forget that – here’s my cool Valentines Day story:

We all know it’s awesome to get greetings and love from friends and family on V-day. Sweet Prince and I rarely celebrate the day much though he does always write me a poem which I do treasure. But otherwise we don’t go all out for the event. But sure, it’s quite nice to see everyone spreading love and heart shaped images on Facebook and Twitter and all over the social world wide web. It’s cool that someone bakes cookies here at work. But, what’s even MORE cool is what happened in a meeting just now. A faculty member who I see about once or twice a year joined the meeting late. She works up in LA so had to drive down and was stuck in traffic. We’ve been in these joint budget planning meetings every year for 5 years now but it really is the only time we see each other. She sits down and says “Well, can you catch me up on introductions? I don’t think I know everyone.” I was a little bemused because looking around the table I figured she knew all of us. The gentleman conducting the meeting must have been too because he said “Oh, we didn’t do introductions because we’ve all met before, but OK.” She then pointed to me and said “But I don’t know this young lady.” I think they then all said my name nearly in unison (also still somewhat in confused). She then looked at me again and said “Wait, seriously?! My gosh! You look so much younger and so beautiful, I am shocked! Really? How do you get younger every year?!” Now, I know in writing that may seem backhanded, but I tell you, it was not – she was literally gushing at me about how good I look!!! I don’t blush…I really don’t…but at that moment – I *totally* blushed!! It was so unexpected and so genuine and adorable and…well….probably one of the most spontaneous & sincere compliments I’ve heard in a long time.

Best Valentines Day Compliment Ever!

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