San Dieguito 5k – bring it on!

Alex = 2979, I am 2909

I love that there were Shot Bloks in one bag! Those are my favorites. 5k runners start at 8:10 tomorrow. Due to parking being nasty at the location, we have to catch a shuttle at 6am so it will be the usual o’dark 30 wake up call for a Sunday race even though it isn’t a triathlon event. Also, probably very few pictures until official ones come out since we are ALL running tomorrow!

Alex’s goal is a) don’t barf and b) come in top 2 in his age group. He might be able to do it even on this harder course since he has at least been doing a fair amount of track running the last month thinking he might join the track team (which he wont due to his grades). He’s also been running more at PE and at after school football workouts.

My goal is to conquer the harder course keeping a 12/min mile pace – so, sub 37 mins if possible. If I can get it down to 35 minutes I’ll be thrilled. If get anywhere between my last race (30.5) and 35 I’ll be ecstatic. We’ll see. The last two times I ran my hilly 5k route around the house I was running under 13 min miles and once I did hit 12. Hills….slow me down 🙂

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