Ooh, look! Sugar! Instead of HFCS! And it’s a Big Deal!

“Refreshingly Retro!” Hey folks! Instead of potentially poisoning yourself with excess amounts of High Fructose Corn Syrup(HFCS) – look what we are doing for you! We are providing you with soda made with SUGAR! How fabulous is that?! Because we know you WANT that! And because even folks who are not totally into food issues are starting to figure out that excessive use of HFCS might be at the heart of the nation’s obesity & diabetes issues! Still…this is just for a LIMITED TIME ok? So hurry because this flash back to the past when our sodas didn’t accelerated your bad health issues quite so quickly will only be here for a blip. Then it’s right back to your HFCS induced high blood pressure! Yay!!!!!!

(yeah, I’m probably going to get some just to send them the message that there IS demand for it. But it still irks me!)

Probably doesn’t help that I am reading my friend’s book on the food industry right now!

4 thoughts on “Ooh, look! Sugar! Instead of HFCS! And it’s a Big Deal!

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  1. There is a Dr. Pepper plant that has been selling DP with cane sugar in Texas. I don’t know if you can get that anywhere else.

    I does taste a little different. I think the thing is about HFCS is it made soda cost a lot less. Back when I was a kid, my parents could’t afford soda so we never drank it. Now it is cheaper than bottled water.


  2. What amuses me is that it’s all so unhealthy, does it really matter which type of sugar is in it?

    The heart of the weight issues is the fact that people drink too much of the stuff (and too much of everything else)

    There is no such thing as a DIET soda.


    1. No, it really doesn’t matter. Everything in moderation anyway eh? I’ve never been a huge soda drinker at any rate – one a day was probably my worst ‘habit’.

      It just all cracks me up that they are trumpeting a return to SUGAR as a sweetener…. šŸ˜‰


  3. I saw the retro versions of Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper when I was out shopping Saturday. I had a similar reaction.

    Like your first commenter, I never got into drinking soda much due to the fact that it was expensive when I was growing up and my parents couldn’t afford it. A cherry coke at the local fountain (yeah, I’m THAT old…lol!) was a major treat.


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