Are we really this shallow?

Taken from Mark Knoller’s twitter feed – he’s the CBS New Radio White House correspondent – and he was posting from today’s press briefing with Robert Gibbs:

“WH spksmn Robt Gibbs assures Obama won’t pre-empt 3-hr premiere of final season of “Lost” by doing State of the Union speech Feb 2.”

“But Gibbs would only say “soon,” when asked when Obama will deliver his State of the Union. Congressional leaders nominally set the date.”

Those first two were clearly send without any hint of personal commentary…however, then Mark veers off a bit & clearly shows he was about as appalled as I was at this line of questioning going on:

“Feel free to let the White House know your best TV nights so Obama doesn’t pre-empt your fave shows with his State of the Union speech.”

“There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the State of the Union has to be a speech. He could send an email & meet his obligation.”

Oh. My. Gawd! Really? Is this country THAT shallow that with all that is going on in this world, a freaking TV show is more important AND so much so that the White House actually had to *address* the issue??? My word people – it doesn’t matter WHO is the President, and I’ve had to sit through some really hard ones for me to stomach, but your damn TV shows are NOT more important than the State of the Union address – once a damn year people! You don’t have to watch, but you also shouldn’t whine about missing a show.

5 thoughts on “Are we really this shallow?

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  1. Yeah, but we’ve reallly been looking forward to the Lost premiere. So many questions unanswered!

    (I’m only half-kidding)


  2. Oooohh! THAT’S what the “big” news story concerning Lost was all about. 🙄

    I admit I’m looking forward to the Lost premiere, this being the last season and all (with hints that we’ll finally get some answers to the big mystery) but really. That’s ridiculous. It’s not like they couldn’t reschedule Lost.


  3. I thought the date was pre-determined by statute or something like that.

    I could care less about Lost. I probably won’t watch the State Of the Union Address but I agree that the TV schedule should not have a darn thing to do with the scheduling or broadcast of the State Of the Union Address.

    And yeah, people are THAT shallow.


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