Sure, THAT, I remember!

I recently wrote about my little issue with Proper Names and how they have vanished from my brain.

Here’s a couple of examples of this from this past week:

Ran into a friend and her son while out running errands one night. The mom and I chatted, the boy says “Hi Ms N” and I say “Hi, how are you?” Notice no name inserted there. Why? Because I could NOT flipping remember it!!! Now, in my defense, this was not the son who is MY son’s age and therefore the one I know. Still, after watching enough sporting events together on the sidelines, I know the younger brother’s name. I do. I really DO! Only I didn’t. Came to me later that night of course. At least it finally did come to me.

Walked to the store last night. Ran into a mom and dad from football. Haven’t seen them in awhile since their son did not play on SB’s team this year. They have an older son who already played freshman football this year so we started talking about that. Talked a LONG time. Yes, I remembered their names. I remembered their boys names (middle son is SB’s age). To this very moment I cannot think of what their daughter’s name is!! I can see her face. I know she’s in 6th grade. I probably see HER more often since they live around the corner from my street and she walks to the elementary school that I pass on my way out to work every day and I see her at least once a week. HER. That girl. The one with NO NAME!!

Just now, I am laying on the sofa after spending all of last night and most of today battling chronic neck pain (doctor has referred me for physical therapy at this point as I have a muscle that is just perpetually over stretched and now hurts more often than not and when it flares, it flares badly & responds to no pain meds beyond maybe reducing it from a level 7 to a 4). Anyhoo…I’m pretty up and down all day today with my energy level and don’t even want to focus to read for very long so vegging in front of sports on TV is about my level of mental capacity. Laying there. Eyes closed for a moment and the ESPN baseball crew start talking about the basketball playoffs, and then about hockey and oh, see that player about to come up to bat? He’s from Canada! He’s wearing #33 – do you know why?

I swear that I opened my eyes, said out loud “Because that’s hockey goalie Patrick Roy’s number!” And I was right.

THAT – I remember!!

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