I passed my latest blood test with flying colors! Cholesterol is down. Triglycerides are way down. I didn’t even have to debate with my doctor on medication – she was thrilled with how the Lovaza+diet+exercise seems to have done the trick. Unfortunately for my wallet, the Lovaza is a fairly recent FDA approved pure Omega 3 capsule so there are no generics yet, but she’ll keep an eye out.

Meanwhile, I get to go SIX months before testing again – yay!

Of course, since I happen to like that I lost 10 pounds and also that I have toned abs & can even see some muscle definition in my upper arms & shoulders….you know I will keep up the more extreme exercise I started. Yes, I will even keep up with the running – which is currently really just a super snail pace slow jog. And I wont go back to eating Skinny Cow every night. Ice cream stays a once a week (at most) treat. But at least now I wont worry about things when I go on vacation & pig out a bit. I deserve it!

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  1. Yay! I’m getting back onto the exercise wheel myself, put on all the weight I’d lost and it’s starting to get to me. But I’ve already turned it around, hooray… just need to keep at it.


  2. My doctor also prescribed Lovaza for me as well as Niaspan, (which I mentioned in my blog) but since I was without health insurance at the time he said to try something over-the-counter. I did and 6 months later my blood work showed that the OTC Fish Oil worked! Maybe it’ll work for you too.


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