The perfect Sunday

My Sunday is perfect if the following things happen:

  • No alarm goes off. After two straight Sundays with 4am alarms, this is particularly sweet.
  • Lounging in bed reading or watching TV with cats dozing alongside for as long as you want. Or, until your stomach demands breakfast 🙂
  • Standing in the shower until the hot water runs out and your fingers are pruning. I know many prefer baths, but not me. I love the feel of the hot water drumming on the top of my head and rolling down my back.
  • A nap on the sofa after lunch with a baseball game on the TV. Something about the cadence of the announcers and the sounds of a game just soothe me. If your team happens to be the one on TV and they happen to be winning – even better – but really any game will do.
  • Yard time – I don’t even care if it’s pulling weeds or trimming bushes instead of reading in the sunshine. Gardening is the one ‘chore’ that isn’t.

It doesn’t matter that in between I may have to do a load of laundry or go the grocery to get ready for the week ahead. As long as I can take my own sweet time doing them, it’s all good.

What makes a Sunday perfect for you?

One thought on “The perfect Sunday

Add yours

  1. Staying in bed as long as I want. Watching movie after movie (even ones I have seen a gazillion times before). Knowing I am not expected any place and not expecting anyone. Reading in bed or on the couch.


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