La Jolla Cove


I don’t mean to only post updates on Sundays, but….here we go again! No formal race event today, but the training group did invite us out for some open water swim time at La Jolla Cove.

While they were in the water, I took pictures. Some of the swimmers, some of the wildlife all around them. There is one photo of a sea lion’s head poking out of the water just behind them. Several times they were surrounded by the seals. The Cove is a great place for swimming and scuba diving so the water was filled with people.

I was glad I had the wildlife to distract me because once they were out of the cove and heading out to open water I got a lot more nervous for him than I had anticipated! Even with swim partners, he just looked so awkward since he has not really gotten enough practice at swimming in general and never completely put his head down and got a good swim stroke going. I thought his dad had spent some time teaching him last summer – but NO! Argh!

Still, it was fine and I did see some cool sights. The best was an Osprey cleaning itself up on a light pole right above the life guard tower so I got some great close up shots (and to watch it instead of the swimmers!).

Lots of pics of bobbing heads. Bright pink, yellow & white swim caps were with SB who had on nothing since we left his orange swim cap from the tri at home (sigh).

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For those interested, his write of his Spring Sprint in his own words has been posted on LegUp Training Blog.

Click HERE to read it.

Not exactly the *perfect* Sunday, but considering that I ran/hiked 4.8 miles at Torrey Pines yesterday AND spent four hours pulling weeds from my flagstone walkway? An hour at La Jolla Cove with me NOT exercising was plenty fine!

The perfect Sunday


My Sunday is perfect if the following things happen:

  • No alarm goes off. After two straight Sundays with 4am alarms, this is particularly sweet.
  • Lounging in bed reading or watching TV with cats dozing alongside for as long as you want. Or, until your stomach demands breakfast 🙂
  • Standing in the shower until the hot water runs out and your fingers are pruning. I know many prefer baths, but not me. I love the feel of the hot water drumming on the top of my head and rolling down my back.
  • A nap on the sofa after lunch with a baseball game on the TV. Something about the cadence of the announcers and the sounds of a game just soothe me. If your team happens to be the one on TV and they happen to be winning – even better – but really any game will do.
  • Yard time – I don’t even care if it’s pulling weeds or trimming bushes instead of reading in the sunshine. Gardening is the one ‘chore’ that isn’t.

It doesn’t matter that in between I may have to do a load of laundry or go the grocery to get ready for the week ahead. As long as I can take my own sweet time doing them, it’s all good.

What makes a Sunday perfect for you?