The Days are Long

Yes, the days are long.

That could mean it is summer and I’m loving the longer daylight hours such as last night when we stayed on Fiesta Island at our monthly bonfire later than ever. I was driving home at 8:45pm and noticed that while the sun was long gone, the sky was still clinging to that gorgeous turquoise blue-ish, purple-ish blending to black on the western horizon.

It could mean that having a combination of month end close, auditors on site at work, and daily lessons and writing to do at night has forced me to stay alert and focused later into the nights.

It could also mean I’ve been listening to Eminem’s Recovery CD a lot – oh wait….hah! That lyric I’ve had running through my head all week from my new favorite song on the CD? It’s not the DAYS are long – here’s what it really is:

“The nights are long, I’m growing older”

Um – yeah, clearly.

Moving on…..

It’s a weird week overall for me. If you follow me on twitter or notice the tweets over there in the right hand column, I’m chatting a lot about #NN12. Aka – Netroots Nation 2012 in Providence Rhode Island.

What’s weird is that I am not THERE. My streak of attending every NN gathering is broken as of this year and I am really really sad about it since it is the only time I would get to see many truly wonderful friends. The timing is just All Wrong this year. I had to make the decision in February that even with all the money in the world I just couldn’t go. The computer upgrade/month end/auditor preliminary visit made it just too much to overcome. Of course, if I had all the money in the world I guess I wouldn’t need to work so those things wouldn’t really impact me much, but I think you get the gist.

I’ve been following along though. The beauty of a gathering of bloggers is that they are all tweeting away like crazy, many pics have already been posted online and I’ve been able to listen in on Netroots Radio and even watch a couple of live streamed panels. The time difference is annoying though. My most favorite event of all is the Pub Quiz which WILL be on the live stream tomorrow night but it will happen right when I am at the high school for 15’s Spring flag football game. Poop!

Saturday night they announce the location and timing for next year and I am crossing all appendages that a) it wont be in the first weekend in June and b) it WILL be a lot closer to cut down on travel time.

It’s crazy, but I’ve missed writing every day!

No, I’m not going to try doing that again right now.

As I said, the days are long, uhhh….the nights are long and I’m growing colder..err…older…um…maybe I should close that window and go to bed now?

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