The friends and family part of NN11

My most awesome roommate Terri, showing you where she lives in West Virginia.
Bill in Portland Maine - TEXTING!!! This folks, is a miraculous occurence.
Michael with Mary, his walking buddy also from Maine
My adorable bud Michael and I, in the howling wind laughing because I cracked him up at just the right moment.
Like Bill, Michael has to tilt the glasses down to text. So cute ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, wonder where he got that shirt?
Vicki - karaoke singer extraordinnare - bartender Michael in the background
Mary and her beautiful smile. Much like Vicki, laughter springs easily from this lovely lady.
Bill and Michael - fantasy version
Bill & Michael - reality ๐Ÿ™‚
Bill in his very own Kiddie Pool (which is what we long ago dubbed his Cheers & Jeers diaries)
Sharon getting her t-shirt for NFTT box packing
Kelly - another bright smile (see a pattern with my friend here?) Wish this was in focus!
Step 1 - Mary and I sip bourbon
Step 2 - Stage one of identical reaction
Step 3 - what the hell are we thinking?
Ed - who always enjoys updates on the cats and asks after them by name
Ray - who always ended up with us in the evenings even if we never saw him all day
Me, giving credit to Bill for his awesome limerick writing. Stormy is seated next to Bill.

That picture above was from the BEST Pub Quiz ever. We were rowdy, loud, chanting & protesting just about every question and answer. The guys behind me? The Wisconsin Union crew – some of whom really DID protest in Madison this year. At one point they broke out into a chant of “Show me what democracy looks like!” and we would respond “THIS is what democracy looks like!” Oh, it was supremely fun and funny.

While I did much better than I normally do taking pics of people, there are still not enough and I really must do a better job of simply forcing my friends to pose dammit! Some of them are camera shy of course and want to maintain their anonymity which I respect, but most are anything but camera shy and I really must take advantage ๐Ÿ™‚

But, there is a little glimpse at my liberal lunatic friends……FAMILY who, when we see each other one year or two years after last saying goodbye, pick up the conversation as if it ended yesterday.


4 thoughts on “The friends and family part of NN11

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      1. Thanks Derek! I know what you mean – we do “talk” every day in one form or another. Hey, I am so glad you had a great Father’s Day with your own dad at the ballpark. I got a kick out of being on that end of downtown as the game let out and suddenly Minneapolis looked like San Diego with scores of folks in baseball gear packing the trains and sidewalks.


  1. Thanks for posting your pics!! I barely took any this year, which I am kicking myself for now. So good to see you there… Hugs and smooches!


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