Game two went MUCH better! There was no score in the first quarter and our team was losing the field position battle, but early in the second, while the opponent had the ball, I saw their QB step back and launch a pass in the direction of the receiver who SportsBoy was covering (he plays corner on defense). While the ball was in the air I thought “There’s his first interception!” Sure enough, he leaped up and snatched that ball out of the air and took off running. His return went about 30-35 yards and positioned the offense within the 20 yard “red zone” allowing them to push across their first score. That seemed to deflate their defense and for the rest of the game the Falcons soared. Pass plays which were disasters last week were completed easily. The final score was 27-0 and yes, the team got ice cream 🙂 (I didn’t since I was ‘on duty’ as a board member at our home field and had to stay – yeah, I’m asking for a rain check on that!)

I went down on the field before the game and took a few shots of the preparations on the bench and the coin toss lineup.

Don't throw that ball to his side - It's HIS :-)
Don't throw that ball to his side - It's HIS 🙂
Pre game water & pep talk
Pre game water & pep talk
Lineup for coin toss
Lineup for coin toss
Coach fires them up!
Coach fires them up!

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